Are you acquiring the right skills?


Ben Ball Data

For the past few years, LinkedIn has released their list of the most in demand skills for the upcoming year. While the roles we have represent only a fraction of the market as a whole I nonetheless decided to discuss the skills that we've been asked to find and what we anticipate for the year to come. 

It's worth noting that the roles we have are incredibly varied, covering a broad set of skills and across many sectors. No single candidate could do more than one of the jobs we are currently working on which is a testament to both how interesting a space this is to work in and the rapid rate of change experienced within it. Despite how different the jobs are, with many varied requirements, there are a number of common threads running through them all. 

The skill that has been most in demand for us over the past few months and that we anticipate will continue to remain in high demand for the coming years is Cloud Computing. This topped LinkedIn's list last year and this year and this is a pattern we are seeing as well. Many of the companies we work with are either developing their products inn the cloud or are looking to move their existing infrastructure into the cloud. The cloud platform that we have seen most demand for has by far been AWS but there has also been considerable interested in both Azure and Google Cloud. Almost every single role we have had recently has listed could as, if not outright required, at least strongly desirable and we don't expect this to change in the near future.

Another skill that has been in high demand for us recently has been AI and Machine Learning. This demand, like that for cloud stretches across all sectors. This interest, for us, has been quite broad within the space with our clients looking for different kinds of Machine Learning models and methods of developing these systems. The uses they are intended to fulfil are equally varied from financial advice to robotics, but many companies are looking to find a way to harness the Age of AI.  

These two would be the skills that have by far been the most in demand if there wasn't another one that was equally important and considered for every single role we work on. Communication, teamwork, creativity, soft skills. While our roles can vary in technology, sector or level they all require similar soft skills which can be just as important as the technical side. 

These are just some of the skills that we work on and a full list would almost certainly be out of date the minute I post this. The number of new technologies entering the market combined with the countless different ways companies take to solve their technical problems means all skills have relevance but that inevitably there are those that stretch across all areas. 

So that's it, what we here at Paritas have seen within this space over the past few months and what we expect to continue this year. ​