Why I decided to run the London Marathon?


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Writing something this personal and sharing it on social media is not me at all, but here it goes…

If anyone knew me at the beginning of 2019, you would have certainly known that I was not a natural runner! I am asthmatic and couldn’t bare to run more than a minute without feeling like I couldn’t breathe or was going to pass out! 

Then the worst happened, cancer hit one of the closest people to me very hard! It first came 6 years ago, he went through the Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, a huge risky operation, and if you knew him you would know he came out like a champ! The doctors couldn’t believe how strong he was for a 65-year-old to go through what he went through! He beat cancer! For nearly 5 years after the operation and it was like he never had it, he was strong, all of my friends said they never knew nothing like him, he was fitter than me! Took us touring all around Europe, continued to live his life for the fullest and had a very active job for a, now, 69-year-old who’d beaten cancer but he would never stop! Not until he literally had to...

Unfortunately, it came back, at that point, I just knew he would get through it again, obviously, it was upsetting because he just didn’t deserve to go through all of that pain again! But he wouldn’t give up, he fought to the very end for us, even though he knew, we all knew really, he would be more comfortable if he let go and stopped fighting for us. I’m sure a lot of people reading can relate and it’s truly awful, there’s barely a person alive today who hasn’t been affected by cancer in one way or another! And that’s when I decided to run the 2020 London Marathon to raise money for families fighting against cancer, knowing I couldn’t run 1 minute at the time, nevertheless, I started a programme and I haven’t gone more than 3 weeks without running since. When the pain kicked in I imagined the pain he was going through and told myself to suck it up. 

You may of guessed this loved one was my Granddad, well I call him Granddad but again anyone who’s knows us as a family knows he has been much much more than that to me; he taught me how to ride a bike, drive a car, drive a speedboat, how to get a speedboat stuck haha, work hard, be honest, earn money, renovate houses, ride a horse, stand up for myself, believe in myself, fishing, golfing and to always be fearless. The list goes on…! He really did know best about everything, his help and advice were priceless but he has taught me well, and that’s the thing what keeps me going in every decision I have to make, I know what he would say and I do that. So now I’m ready to face to the world and make him so so proud! I love you to pieces and 22 years with you wasn’t long enough, just so thankful that you made me all these memories to keep forever! A Dad, Granddad, Best Mate all in one! I honestly don’t know where I would be without you, thank you for helping my Mum bring me up and for fighting to be there for me as long as you possibly could! 

Happy Birthday Granddad - would have been 72 today, way too young this day and age, but we can’t complain because he was certainly one man who lived his life to the fullest and made sure to pass on his best qualities. 

It really hasn’t been easy writing this, so please, can everyone who has read this take the time to donate something small, it’s doesn’t have to be a lot if we all put in together and all fight together, just something small please! 

Please visit this link to donate: https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/londonmarathon2020forhenrythomaslee , all the money is going to Worldwide Cancer Research organisation, you can see from there website (www.worldwidecancerresearch.org) the different cases where they have helped people and families, let's help people get through something as awful as cancer.

Until we meet again x