Meet the team

Maria Veligrantaki

Office Manager

I am a 26-year-old Greek that came to the UK 2.5 years ago for a statistics internship in Kenilworth and I ended up settling here! After spending my first Christmas in the UK in London it became my dream to work and live in London and now I’m living it! 

Currently, I’m trying to balance working fulltime with distance learning to complete my ACCA qualification and the lure of exploring London every weekend! It seems like every day I learn about someplace new that gets added to my seemingly never-ending list of places I want to visit, where is a time-turner when you need one?!

When the weather is nice I like spending my time swimming, (trying to fullfil my childhood lifelong dream of becoming a mermaid! not as easy to do here as it was back home), shopping and travelling. On the more than frequent rainy days, I like reading books or watching movies with friends.