GDPR Policy

GDPR Policy

As a new era approaches and the new Data Protection regulations come into effect, the big question on everyone’s mind is, are we prepared? Paritas have adopted best practice which will ensure we work within the guidelines when representing you or working with your business.

How will Paritas Recruitment meet their Obligations under GDPR?

Paritas Recruitment are members of APSCO, which provides us access to up to date regulatory requirements as well as industry specific guidelines which we must deliver to maintain compliance.

The storing and processing of data has always been of utmost importance to Paritas Recruitment. Our aim is for a paper-free office, allowing us to keep all candidate and client data electronically protected by secure password and all activity is tracked.

Client or candidate information within our system will be lawfully kept and considered on the basis that:

  • We have express permission to do so
  • Be of “legitimate interest” to the individual
  • Because of legal obligation

GDPR has not been put into place to prevent business!

We recognise that the new regulations have not been put into place in order to prevent the recruitment or any other sector conducting good, professional business. The introduction of these new EU Regulations have introduced new data protection obligations for organisations and new rights for individuals.

We commit to do the following for all customers of Paritas Recruitment:

Ask for permission to process data – we will not rely on implied consent, inactivity, silence or unticked boxes.

Respect your right to withdraw and make this as easy as the giving of consent – we will delete, not archive, all records within a respectable timeframe of receiving a request to withdraw consent. We will also inform all external parties to whom we have sent your personal data that this request has been received. Respecting an individual’s “right to be forgotten”.

Inform you of how we will be using your data – we will ensure all customers are informed about how their data is being used, stored and of their right to withdraw consent.


Paritas Recruitment will continue to market to our clients and candidates under the clause “legitimate interest”. We will contact individuals for the following reasons:

  • To offer a suitable role; or
  • To say that we supply candidates for those sorts of roles; or
  • To offer services generally


The ICO will be updating the detail around GDPR which comes into force in May 2018. APSCO is assisting the recruitment industry in better understanding the regulations and with promoting best practice.

Paritas Recruitment will update our practices, as and when required, to ensure compliance and to ensure the data of all our customers is protected, transparent in its handling and only stored for the use it is intended for.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Leigh Albrecht at dataprotection@paritasrecruitment.com