Is your third line of defence ready for Brexit?

Is your third line of defence ready for Brexit?

Understanding the implications of Brexit for the technology industry requires us to think about the changes to the UK's regulatory framework once EU law ceases to apply, and constraints that the EU law imposes even after Brexit. 

For Internal Audit (IA) professionals at technology companies, these issues and a host of others have created a new risk matrix, placing greater priority than ever before on the efficient oversight of corporate governance, internal controls and regulatory compliance. 

Research suggests, there are top 5 focus areas for the key challenges facing technology companies right now. They could be unique for every technology company, but it is critical that IA as a function takes a company-wide view of the risks involved.

1. Cyber Security

2. Regulatory Compliance

3. Open source software and vulnerability management

4. Non - GAAP financial and operational measures

5. Culture Risk

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