Meet the team

Leigh Albrecht


Outside of work you will usually find me running around after my 2 young boys, who certainly keep me busy! Spending time sailing, something which I have done since a young age and still compete from time to time. Have a look on YouTube at some videos of ‘international moth worlds’, its great fun and gets me away from the hustle and bustle of London. I have also been building a house since 2013, I thought doing quite a bit of work yourself would be fun and interesting!! I am surprised I have any hair left and that the other half is still talking to me after dodging cement mixers and bricks on the drive for so long. Hopefully, 2020 is the year to finish the remaining work…

From a business perspective, we are continuing to grow Paritas and expand into new areas, which has been both interesting and exciting. Our latest forays have seen us spread our coverage into Data Science and Artificial Intelligence as well as Audit, Risk and Compliance in areas outside of financial services. Can’t wait to see where the future of ‘succeeding together’ takes us and Paritas.